Hey gang,

Well for those that know me, know that I am on the Gold Coast for the UC Pro Business Course. So just wanted to give you a little tip i suppose from a business perspective and one that could certainly make a difference to your business!

Never judge a book by it’s cover!! In short never pre frame anyone that walks thru your front door.

Until you take the time to get to know people (potential clients) you should never box people into who you think they are or might be!

Twice today I worked with two people and upon spending 30 mins with each and actually taking the time to find out about them and their history and learning how their model of world is, i came away with a total different process on how to coach/ train this person.

So in summary, take the time to know your clients, learn everything you can about them before you start coaching them, by doing this it will help shape the way you teach them on a daily basis that will best suit their learnibg model.

I also met this legend, and keen to find out more about him (image) I feel he has an amazing story!!

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