Client Retention – the Cornerstone of your Business!

No-one in business, in any industry, would argue that without customers you do not have a business.

In this article I want to look purely at the customers that your business already has – we all know the importance of generating new business, but that is not my focus here.

Would you like to spend less on advertising and promotion annually?? No, it’s not a trick question…and of course you all answered ‘Yes!”…

Would you also like to give yourself a much higher chance of consistent return business to allow for less headaches when it comes to budgeting and forecasting? Of course you would…..

Well, a key to keeping more of that previously spent money where it belongs (in your pocket!), and keeping a consistent high return of business, is having systems, strategies and most importantly a mindset that focuses on retaining as many customers as possible.

This key really boils down to one thing – loyalty within your client base.

Loyalty stems from developing good relationships with the people you serve…

If you want your clients to stay, pay, and refer others to you, then you must be doing the following:

Delivering the RESULTS that your programs promise…..and showing them REAL appreciation.

Nothing drives customers away quicker than empty promises.

Do the things that your competitors won’t. Give your clients measurable results and be consistent with your appreciation for them.

Appreciation for your clients could take any number of forms, such as:

• Referral incentive programs
• ‘Anniversary’ gifts
• Rewards for achieving set goals
• Birthday cards
• Holding regular social events

Really, your imagination is the only thing limiting what kinds of things you could put in place to show your clients your appreciation for their ongoing business and loyalty.

Remember, two things are paramount: DELIVER RESULTS and SHOW APPRECIATION!

It’s not rocket science, but it’s an area that many business fall down in….don’t be in caught in that boat!

Scottie Williams
The Box Rescue Guy

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