Over the next few weeks I will open up about the CrossFit Open, why I do it, and what keep me motivated!

Well we have just (about) finished up for 17.1 in the CrossFit Open. Unfortunately for the CrossFit HQ they have had some difficulties with the website and have had to extend the time to submit scores!

There are plenty of people complaining and bitching about it, but at the end of the day there is only so much that can be done with technology.

YES it has affected the leaderboard, yes some people have had the chance to do it four times, but at the end of the day we have ALL HAD THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME, if you are that good, do the f…ng thing again and climb up the leaderboard!!

For me personally, I have moved on and back into my usual routine..

So who am I you are asking?? I am nothing special (never will be) in the world of CrossFit, but I do love the sport and what it has done for thousands of people around the world (myself included).

I will keep my story for another blog!

I have been to two Pacific Regionals in 2011 & 2012, with my teams and we have finished a very respectable 16th both years (two of the most amazing exeriences of my life behind the bith of my children & my marriage day), I have won numerous local and interstate events, I own my own Affiliate, family man, International Presenter/speaker and love life and I hustle hard with my career…

I do the Open myself for a few reasons:

1. Practice what I preach to all my members and online clients
2. I love to compete
3. Be a leader in my community, I can’t expect my members to sign up if I don’t!
4. To push myself to be better
5. Be the best I can
6. Don’t want the younger generation beating me just yet!

But most importantly : to be a role model to my two beautiful kids

I love what it does for me and the excitement that is built around competing and being the best you can!

Do I have goals? HELL YES

Those that know me, know what I am like and of course I have goals, for me now I have moved up to the 40-44 Masters Division and I my goal is to again make it too Regionals.

It may not happen this year, but I will keep on pushing, training and hustling to be better than the year before.

17.1 attempt 1: time 16.37 RX, it was tough, as I am sure those that have done it can understand. I went in with a game plan, but did not execute the way I had hoped! I had planned on only doing it once and then move on, but after watching a few others and coming up with some ideas (mainly from my coach) I decided to have another go at it!

17.1 attempt 2: 15.35 RX: new game plan, better result.

Now there are a few reasons why I got better at this workout:

1. better prepared
2. tried a different approach
3. mentally prepared for the pain
4. set a goal time to beat

You see the first time around didn’t go quite as planned so I went in with a new game plan (goal), followed it to the T and what do you know I got better!

So my take away from 17.1 is this: just like life and business, go in with a goal in mind (this one was time based), prepare a plan of attack to stick to it, it was that simple..


Scottie Williams


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